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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Choosing the mediator

Mediation has proved to be an effective way of resolving disputes. Its importance is highlighted by one major factor – the parties are going to decide on the outcome. They usually have just one shot at settling by mediation. So when choosing a mediator, apply the best possible resources to selecting the mediator who has the experience and skills to match the parties - and the people - involved.

This is where In Place of Strife can help. Let us mediate the mediation. Give us the chance to provide our experience and expertise in recommending the right mediator for the case.

We have been running a series of free workshops where a team of our chambers members has met dispute resolvers in law firms to discuss the processes of selection, preparation and tactics based on our experience of mediating large numbers of disputes. Why not work with our team to improve the outcomes of mediations for your clients? Let me know if you would like to arrange your own workshop.

Mediator: Mark Linnell

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