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The Myth of 'One Size Fits All'

I wonder how often people consider options other than the one-day format for mediation or think to consult the mediator they have in mind about what those options and benefits might be? 

In a case which is pre-litigation or relatively immature, a half-day - say three or four hours of structured discussion - may be all it takes to free up the progress of negotiation, or even reach a resolution. 

Alternatively, when dealing with succession issues in a family business, or a dispute between partners, shareholders or board members, a series of shorter planned meetings will enable work to be done to build on progress made at each step. You may appreciate guidance from the mediator along the way to keep the whole process moving. 

There will be cases where more than one day is a clear choice. However, there are still options around the scheduling. Should they be on consecutive days or on days a week or a fortnight or a month apart? 

Why not involve the chosen mediator in planning the appropriate format? Or have a preliminary discussion with our case managers. 

Mediator: Amanda Bucklow

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