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Project Mediation

Conflicts are an inevitable part of any large project whether it be a construction project or commercial collaboration.  Prevention of all conflict and disputes may not be possible but it is possible to manage conflict better, to prevent it leading to delays, increased costs and working relationship breakdown. 

Project mediation, as it is called, aims to embed one (or more) independent mediators into a project from the start to maintain continuous contact with the parties. The mediator aims to facilitate communication and cooperation in anticipation of stepping in to deal early with any incipient disputes.

The benefits of project mediation include:

  • The mediator has an acquaintance with the project, the personnel and the challenges from the outset and the parties get to know the mediator(s);
  • Disputes are, therefore, less likely to escalate to the threshold for issuing proceedings and the mediator already has a greater understanding of the situation and so can provide effective help swiftly;
  • Differences can be aired and discussed at an earlier stage and more informally thereby helping to avoid entrenchment of positions and subsequent delay;
  • Collaboration among the parties on a project is encouraged;
  • Enhances productivity and on-going working relationships; and
  • Considerably more cost-effective, informal and flexible in comparison to other dispute-resolution methods

In Place of Strife can design and provide a tailored project mediation service, providing highly experienced mediators who seek to ensure that your project runs successfully, on time and on budget.  Our mediators aim to work with all parties to a project to assist in managing the relationships between the parties and to quickly identify/defuse issues as they arise.  

If you would like to discuss further please do contact us on 0333 014 4575 or by filling in the contact form here.

One of our panel mediators, David Richbell, has written about project mediation in his book Mediation of Construction Disputes (Blackwell Publishing, 2008).  The relevant extract can be read here. 

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