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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Transportation Disputes - Marine, Aviation and Energy

Disputes in the fields of shipping, international transportation and international sale of goods are regularly mediated successfully. These technical areas are, by comparison, expensive and time consuming to take to Court or arbitration.  Mediation allows parties to resume their trading relations (where appropriate) and concentrate their energies on the business of trading.

Areas which are regularly successfully resolved in mediation include:

Shipping and International Transportation:

  • charterparty, bill of lading and cargo damage disputes
  • disputes under MOAs for sale and purchase
  • demurrage disputes
  • safe port disputes
  • CMR / CMI and other disputes for international transportation by road and rail
  • disputes under York-Antwerp Rules; disputes under The Hague / Hague-Visby Rules; disputes under the Carriage of Good by Sea Act 1971
  • shipbuilding disputes

 International Sale of Goods:

  • cargo damage
  • demurrage under sales contracts
  • delay disputes


  • transportation of goods by air
  • transportation of passengers by air
  • aircraft leasing


  • oil and gas disputes; pipeline, upstream and downstream
  • engineering disputes
  • disputes relating to the construction of power stations

Environmental disputes:

  • disputes relating to the leaking of gas or oil
  • damage to property
  • personal injury claims