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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Family & Divorce

Depending on the circumstances, Family & Divorce mediations can take one of two forms, a sessional approach or a one-day approach:

The sessional approach…

The usual process is for the mediator to meet the parties (normally individually) to explain the process in detail and establish what each party wishes to achieve during the course of the mediation. Thereafter the process will usually comprise about four or five two-hour sessions without lawyers present. Face-to-face communication with the mediator present is the norm, but on certain occasions it might be appropriate for the mediator to work separately and privately with each party in turn. This provides the time and space for each to speak in confidence with the mediator, who can be used to pass on information or proposals.

… and the one-day approach:

Where basic living arrangements, co-parenting and children issues have already been largely settled but there are substantial or complex assets to be divided, it may be appropriate to hold a one-day mediation with the parties’ lawyers in attendance. The mediator will work with the parties to design a process generally involving both round-table meetings and private sessions in separate rooms where the mediator can explore the parties' interests and look at options for settlement.