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In Place of Strife

The Mediation Chambers

Workplace & Employment

Workplace mediations almost always involve repairing professional relationships, not just reconciling legal positions. So, as with Employment cases, an effective mediator has to be able to see things from both parties’ points of view, understand the pressures of their workplace, separate their legal rights from their best interests, and then pull all these separate strands together.

In Place of Strife mediators offer a unique combination of mediation skills, business experience and legal expertise that allow them to do precisely this. So when disputants come to us, they can be confident that their mediator is both expert in the relevant sectors of the law and also able to draw on his or her own extensive experience to suggest solutions that are productive, practical and fair.

What’s the difference between workplace and employment cases?

Workplace mediation typically relates to a breakdown in an existing relationship between two or more colleagues. The aim isn’t just to find a solution to the immediate  problem, but to get the parties to find a resolution that will restore a good working relationship so that they – and their organisation - can get on with the business of doing business.Employment mediation, on the other hand, is used in situations where an employee is leaving or has left an organisation and is bringing a legal claim. The aim is to negotiate a binding compromise agreement.